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Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750ml.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750ml.

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Adel&Angel Extra Virgin Olive Oil uses olives that are hand-picked early in the harvest, cold pressed, and produced 100% naturally without any chemical additives.

This production method maintains the vitamin content and enriches the olive oil with polyphenols, which have antioxidant properties and reduce the risk of cancer.

The vitamin E content contributes to cell regeneration and slows down the aging of tissues and organs.

It also regulates cholesterol levels and helps maintain vascular health.

The oleic acid found in olive oil, also present in breast milk, contributes to nerve tissue development in babies while its vitamin content strengthens children's growing bones and reduces the risk of osteoporosis due to calcium loss.

Olive oil gets solid at low temperatures. The handmade special bottle is designed not to receive light to protect the nutritional value of olive oil.  

Net weight: 750ml.

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